Summer in Japan

by Bonzo

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Thank you to our families and friends for allowing music to be a major part of our lives


released December 8, 2014

John Sciortino - guitar, vocals, drums
Maya Chun - drums
Mac Porter - bass

Mixed by Maya Chun
Co-Produced by Maya Chun and John Sciortino
Mastered by Mac Porter

Recorded at Ram Choi Studio



all rights reserved


Bonzo Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Big Time
There's a con you always use
Step or move, you seemingly repent
And I know it's the last thing
That you'll ever think is true
So just don't leave me in the ruin
That resides between me and you
Track Name: I Told Her to Call Me Mushroom
Well I guess you've seen better days
But are you really better off?
Keeping working till the money's paid
Until you find somewhere to spend it all

Another trip on down memory lane
Except there's nothing left for you to call
Sentimental or meaningful
Because you always had trouble breathing

And I know it might not be proper
To give you lesson
On staying afloat while you're stuck in the deep end
Your chances are sinking as you make an attempt at a swim

But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to kill
On your way down

And I know that it's a shocker
When anyone listens
To your miserable thoughts about how to stay even
You're going down

I don't wanna let you go now
Track Name: A Year Abroad
If I'm the one who makes a difference
Then why are you so scared?
So what do we have left?
A miserable second chance
Of letting ourselves go
With all the old jokes we used to say back
When we were always stoned

And I'm the one who called you
Looking for a sign
To capture what's in front of you
And make things right
The depth of what I've promised you
Is really all I find
When things get boring
Or while I fall asleep at night
Track Name: White Rooms
Here I lay
In my spoiled cell
With the common knowledge
That it all ends well
But I'm looking for an ending
Or Saturday at least
I'm tired of these toothaches
And the luck I've lost this week
It could fall on anyone
It fell on me
Catching up with reality
Without a single break
And the fact that I'm paranoid
Just makes it easy to see
That's it's all just real enough
I've tallied up the days
Track Name: In Hiding
Hide and seek
Always playing my game
Against me
And I'm removed
From this phase
That you're going through

And it stays the same
As you'd hoped
So count up a list
Of silly things
That you broke

And I know a cure
A chance at making up with you
But I'll promise I'm sure
That surely I would offer you
A planet to burn
Track Name: A Morning
You know I'm the one
Whose gonna second guess
All of your motives
And if I can understand you
It's highly doubtful

And you're the one
That makes me impress
With essence of grandeur
And tight smiled conversation
I'm fleeing altercation

Thoughts of giving up
Leads me to self destruction

So I gave you fifty two
Of my very best
While I fought off my first thought
And tried to stop all the bleeding
I called it healing

Then came the morning storm
And then a morning drink
With reflections awfully murky
And I started to think
To turn off repeat

Thoughts of giving up
Leads me to self destruction

So go on forever about seeing you soon
The effortless content amongst the things that we do
The anger grown warning of what I think next
The infinite parcels of us at our best
Track Name: This Cat Likes Boxes
I'll take you down
I'll keep you up
By telling you all of my stories

I'l always wrong
But I'm trying to be right
Expecting to have all of the answers
At some point
Or should I just leave it?

I'll take you out
I'll keep you in
By measuring all of your decisions

I'm always gone
Never trying to be here
I'm measuring all of my decisions
Throughout the day
Or when I walked away
Track Name: End to End
This year was a broken promise
To everything that I felt
Was easy to say
But mostly due to all these mortal problems
That happened to strike
In a calendar sequence

I've been end to end
And I still can't pretend
That I know how to go an easier way
We've been stretched from end to end
To make us feel again
And to help us decide on which end to stay

So here's our chance to be completely honest
Except when were running up and down our roads
Making our way
Or when everyone wants closure
And you're still getting over
The past few months and the worst of your days