by Bonzo

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written and recorded over the past year in Jeffersonville, VT, Ann Arbor, MI, and Detroit, MI


released November 8, 2015

mastered by Mac Porter
album art by Joe Rocissono



all rights reserved


Bonzo Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Astro
you make the days grow longer
caught your gaze in a dark world
where I'm not trained by the wrong words
and you're the only one I can't hurt
this maze makes my stomach turn
contained by what really works
a dream that could never learn
Track Name: Hole
i'll make up the cash just to go
back down in a hole that I've dug for myself
get a grip in the ground and then grow
but I got lost in the sand and then killed by the snow

when I'm called out for taking too slow
I just wanna remain in the dark for awhile
held up in a halfway home
while I was trying to retain all the water outside
I'm not gonna complain about sun in your eyes
just call me insane for not saying goodbye
Track Name: Salsa Pt. 3
solemn boredom whines
let the whistle cut your jaw
when all you can remember
is how to get away
I'm never here to stay
around you
Track Name: Present Ghost
you're a rebel
I'm the present ghost
I'm cutting down all that is cavalier
hosting your many fears

you're a rebel
I'm the present ghost
presenting with all of your petty tasks
of what you would call a fact
is something that holds you back
while trying to make it last

not your very own
conditioned home
but it's a place where you can live alone

i want you home
Track Name: Super Glue
there's a number on your back
there's a face beneath the cracks
there's a place where you relax
where you fall in two
there's a price that comes with tax
a payment you'll never see intact
staying off the beaten track
to start on something new
like I always do

when the smoke begins to stack
it'll never help you get to you
I promise you'll always seem to lack
in things you want to do
stuck in silly little traps
split in half with no more use
it seems we'll never get you back
without some super glue
that I always use
Track Name: One in Two
I wanna be better than myself
for you
but I'll hang around the house
if you want me to
I'll be better than myself
for you
but the guilt of your besides makes it untrue

I wanna be better than myself
for you
but I can't stay around as long as you want me to
I'll be better than myself
for you
but I'm afraid that there's a chance
that we're one in two
Track Name: Pistachios
did I mess it up
could you understand
that I don't feel good enough
walk out on another chance

strange when you're feeling right
and it's better to remain
moved on to the good life
no reason to abstain

new ways to rush
I hold time in my hand
found ways to dodge the rough
the softer the sand
the desire to plan
the race that I ran
when I was the man
Track Name: Loosey Goose
loosey goose
you're hanging a noose

and I'll choose
to always lose
to kick off my shoes
to stay in the groove
to make sure

about you
a boy and his moods
got stuck in the glue
he's sick from the fumes
a wrong turn