by Bonzo

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Jorge Velez
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Jorge Velez this record is waking up from a dream to everything around you being fuzzy, loud and you can't quite remember a thing that happened but it all feels so familiar Favorite track: trinity.
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released October 15, 2016

recorded at Ram Choi Studio
mixed/mastered at 907 Lincoln

audio clips taken from various videos via the Prelinger Archives

made by Bonzo

album cover by Emma Laurent



all rights reserved


Bonzo Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: always
i’ll wait
Track Name: defy
confused is probably best
take hold of my
awkward way of talking
can’t choose to love the rest
jump to defy
with you
Track Name: forever &
a story just for you
nothing but a letter
it felt bad
taking off forever
cold feet
just waiting on the weather
i won’t leave
the shoulder of your sweater
i’ll be gone
not forever
i’ll be gone
i’ll forget her
i’ll be gone
Track Name: stone
stretch my arms

stones in your eyes when you look ahead
tryna catch yr mind
guy’s bleeding on the couch
and his sister’s dead
bone barren thighs on fluorescent beds
what could make you try
time blowing at your back
turn the page again
if only you relied on
something like the sky
keep it on account
that you never said
nothing but goodbye
tried beating on your back
turned your knuckles red
regret that you could find
the space for you to pry
fried from pulling out your neck
Track Name: left/right
left coast
kept me close
cause i know
where i like to go
i know

left coast
kept me broke
when i grow
i’ll be bound to show
how perfect i can mold

(i’ll go)
i said it wasn’t something else
i wanted some company
i don’t say
drown below the company
i don’t say
where’d you go to talk delay
why don’t you talk to me
when someone else is worlds away
and only going out means
everyone’s already dead
what’s the point of talking
only come to touch your hand
won’t you let it go
and always will
i always will
to carry on and tuck away
Track Name: trinity
i wanna know
how to say to you
that i can’t love anyone
i wanna know
how to say to you
that i’m always on the run
i wanna know
how i get reduced
to whatever seems like fun
i wanna know
how i can’t refuse
the easy to the rough
Track Name: the fix
i’ve seen this before
you’re waiting for my answers
i slid a letter under your door
in case you caught me in an ugly state
and if it wasn’t for
the way you came and danced with me
i would’ve shut the door
and kept you in the dark
where you could find a couple ways
that could easily deceive me
a shot in my heart
my adrenaline tonight
to find all the cures to the things that disease me
cause i’m trying real hard
to fix up my life
but i’m making it hard

i’m getting too high
and when change becomes time
will you tell me the secret
to losing my mind
there’s gotta be a reason
for not feeling fine
and staying in bed
while were falling behind
i’m trying hard to fix up my life
but i’m making it hard

so when change becomes time
and i’ve lost all my mind
will you tell me a story
to just kill some time
between getting through ignorance and
staying alive
it’s not getting ahead
if you’re just getting by
Track Name: sought
i know when you’re alone
the day seems to run away
time meant contra pose
together we’ll make it stay

i’m not
trying to fall
onto you
won’t stop
waiting on
the end
got lost
looking out
cause i sought
something pretend
Track Name: stick
i don’t wanna let you go
i’m terrified
with no one else around
there’s nothing like a friend
a short time
to fall into a mess
so i feel like the best
when i die

don’t feel the same
when i’m the only one to blame
a face can’t be your name
unwilling to stay true
a constant way to change
when the infinite runs through
and holding what remains
without looking back at you
so tell me what to do
if i can’t lay it down today